DOPPELGANGERS: A Public Safety Message From Reggie

DOPPELGANGERS: A Public Safety Message From Reggie

A DOPPELGANGER is an apparition of someone still alive: in other words, an EVIL TWIN.

Many of these creepy impostors almost invariably end up being aliens.  Posing as humans is one of the most common methods aliens have for infiltrating our human world.

Doppelgangers want us to believe that they’re just ordinary human beings.  They’re always doing ordinary things that ordinary people do on an ordinary day.  They, however, work like ants at all hours of the night, and in the strangest places.  Mild-mannered accountants don’t haul body bags across the street at 4:00 A.M.  Get a clue!

SPOTTING THEM–It’s in the Eyes.

To identify a doppelganger look into its eyes: if they glow, turn silvery, have vertical eyelashes, are insect-like, are devoid of emotion, or stare straight into the sun, you better run, and DON’T fall asleep.  You may wake up stuffed inside a gigantic pod.


Female aliens want to mate with as many human males as possible: (see 1973 documentary, “Invasion of the Bee Girls”.)

Sometimes doppelgangers want to replace us with emotionless, servile replicas of ourselves.  Other times they want to borrow our heads.


The way to kill a doppelganger is to smash its’ head.  Problem is, you may smash the head of someone you know.  The alternative?  Let them know that you know exactly who they are and what they’re up to; they may still hang around, but you’ll shatter their confidence.  Hopefully they will leave as soon as their spaceship is fixed.

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