KITSCHY Pop Movies!

KITSCHY Pop Movies!

I’m now quite use to the nefarious Parallel Universe that “leaks” into my apartment. As the vortex of liquid marble swirls in my living room wall, inhabitants from another dimension, Humanoid “Bug People,” saunter into my apartment thru the wormhole in my wall. I serve tea, scones and we let my collection of DVD kitsch movies rock our world! We’ve compiled a list of our fav kitschy pop flicks–SOME are soooooo bad…that they are brilliant in their awfulness.

  1. “JOHNNY SUEDE”(1991). Pompadours on parade! (Stars Brad Pitt singing songs like, “I Ate A Carrot for Breakfast” [guest star Nick Cave as Freak Storm singing a morbid ditty, “Freak’s Momma’s Boy”]).
  2. “FERRY ‘CROSS THE MERSEY”(1965). (Stars Gerry and The Pacemakers, Cilla Black).  Have Mersey! The movie is too ridiculously contrived to take with a straight face. Yet, Gerry Marsden, front man of The Pacemakers, wrote all 11 songs for this movie; his songs are surprisingly FAB! Marsden: great songwriter.
  3. “DESPERATE TEENAGE LOVEDOLLS”(1984). Shot in grainy Super-8.  BEST LINES:  Kitty’s mother (throwing a tantrum):  “I’m trying to be both a mother and father to you!” to which Kitty replies, “Well, go fuck yourself then!”
  4. “CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC” (1980). Stars The Village People and Steve Guttenburg–what could have gone wrong?
  5. “GIRL HAPPY” (1964). Elvis does “The Clam” (0:50).  A sight to behold!
  6. “HOLD ON!” (1966). (Starring Herman’s Hermits).  Rock movies don’t get much sillier than this one.  But I LOVE the soundtrack CD by Herman’s Hermits!
  7. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FABULOUS STAINS” (1982). An all girl rock trio that sounds like The Shaggs, minus drums.  BEST LINES: They somehow wind up on tour with aging hard-rock band, the Metal Corpses, whose egotistical front man states, “Janis Joplin was ugly on the outside, but beautiful on the inside. I’m just the opposite.”
  8. “MONDO MOD”(1967). Mind rot on the Sunset Strip.

Kitschy movies that ROCK!!!

  1. “RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP” (1967). Great footage of garage rock-heroes: The Standells, The Chocolate Watchband, and The Enemies.
  2. “BLAST-OFF GIRLS” (1967). The garage rock Citizen Kane.
  3. “WILD IN THE STREETS” (1968). Jack Webb’s worst nightmare. Dig the songs by Max Frost and the Troopers.
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