My Dulcimer, Brian Jones and “Lady Jane”

My Dulcimer, Brian Jones and “Lady Jane”

The day I received my DULCIMER (“Black Mountain” brand), I could not resist learning the coolest dulcimer riffs of all time: BRIAN JONES playing his dulcimer on the Rolling Stones’ song, “LADY JANE.”

In less than 30 minutes, I had “LADY JANE” down! For all you dulcimer folks, watch my attached video and you can learn “Lady Jane” on dulcimer. You’ll see where my 2 fingers go on the fret-board, etc.

You can have a ball with the dulcimer: only 4 strings. Traditional tuning is (D-A-D [1st two high strings are exactly the same D note [only doubled], 3rd middle string is A. The last string, the thickest string, is tuned to D, but an octave lower than the 2 higher D strings.) There are other tunings, but this is a popular tuning most dulcimer players use.

I miss my mate, BRIAN JONES: a good friend, but odd bloke. E.g. In the middle of a recording session, Jones rushed out of the studio, claiming that it was filled with millions of beetles. (Bugs, that is, NOT rival musicians.) Years later, I would have my own issues with “bugs.”

I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks: The Stones were never the same, or as good, without Brian Jones.

On the Stones LP, “Aftermath” (released in USA, June1966) Brian played Sitar, Organ, Guitar, Marimbas, Bells, Piano, Harpsichord, AND the Dulcimer. He brought The Stones into darker, more experimental sonic territory. The “LADY JANE” dulcimer part he played is the coolest DULCIMER riff on the planet! I hope you learn from my video.


Hey! My cuppa tea’s gone cold! Bloody hell!

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