The Missing Years (Part 3)

The Missing Years (Part 3)

As weeks pass, my nose heals, and I practice. I practice and I focus improving my technique of “collapsing particle waves”.

I change a spoon into a fork, a yellow banana into a blue banana, and a pair of white socks into a pair of argyles.

One night I overhear 2 scientists whisper: their radio emissions detect a dark force approaching.

“The Great Exterminator is coming to Earth.” I shudder to myself.

Through the crack under my door, I shout to them, “That wormhole I’m able to create in my living room must be de-stabilized! Let me out! If antimatter and matter collide—BOOM! The Big Bang was a firecracker compared to the devastation that awaits the Universe and my record collection.” They laugh, calling me a raving lunatic.

With my mind sprinting and my heart beating fast, I decide: “It’s now or never.”

I “observe” the rear wall of my cell. I feel the wave particles collapse within the wall. A staff orderly peers inside my room. He gasps as he witnesses me walking through the steel wall of my cell. I feel my atoms and molecules stream out and I become one with everything: the trees, the clouds, all humanity, every animal and living thing, and the pair of brown loafers I lost at Heathrow airport.

I materialize on a desolate shoulder of a highway. I see a road sign, “Leaving Los Alamos”. It is dawn; in the grayish light, veil after veil of dusky haze is lifting and I begin to make out forms and colors of things. In the distance, I could see the shape of The Secret Military Complex from which I had escaped only moments ago.

I realize I have not been outside in years. Sweet vapors rise from the earth. Night dew clings to the soil and makes the plants glisten. Sunrise is beginning, its upper limb appeared like the light from another world. I breathe in the beauty and the peaceful quiet.

The silence is shattered by the flapping sound of a Military helicopter approaching. In the distance I see military jeeps, from the Top Secret Military Complex, advancing fast. I start running because I don’t know what else to do.

I run like a hunted jackrabbit! I run, but my defeat is inevitable. The wormhole that swirls through my living room wall is in my New York apartment: 1,760 miles away. I’ll never get there in time. The Earth and the Universe are doomed.

The sky turns bright orange…then a sickly green: a sign The Great Exterminator is entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Armored military trucks slam to a halt unleashing massive SWAT Teams pointing their weapons at their desired target: me!

Suddenly the sky around us emits an ominous sickening odor: the foul stench of rotten meat, chunky stale milk, urine and disinfectant: a prelude that The Great Exterminator is very near.

“Permission to puke, sir” a soldier asks his superior.

Remembering what Hawking confided: this wormhole is attracted to me because of my intense negative energy — I get an idea! Rather than go to my apartment, perhaps I can attract the wormhole to me—HERE—- right now.

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