• After a show in San Antonio, Texas, an intoxicated BON SCOTT (lead singer: AC/DC) proved what kind of a man he was by drinking a whole bottle of “liquor” in one gulp. Unfortunately, the bottle he downed was a bottle of aftershave.
  • GREG ALLMAN married Cher. Cher broke up with the Allman brother after Greg passed out face first into a plate of spaghetti at an Italian restaurant.
  • In 1986, BJORK smashed the windows of a Reykjavik disco “because it was full of boring people.”
  • In 1978, REGGIE BENDER (former front-man of 60s UK band, The Giddy Statues) stood atop the ledge of an 11th-story building threatening to leap if his suit didn’t stop itching.
    • (London police rushed to the scene; the threat leads to traffic being closed for 2 hours.)
    • When Reggie Bender performed at LIVE AID (1985), Bender gave a bizarre performance, which consisted solely of him lashing at the strings of his electric guitar, jumping up and down for 10 minutes screaming, “Space             aliens are here! Run!” He was dragged offstage screaming, “Twits! I was getting to the chorus!”
  • As ALICE COOPER chopped and mashed a watermelon onstage, someone handed him a crutch. Cooper continued mashing with the crutch, then threw the disgusting mess out into the audience followed by a mass of feathers. Thought Cooper, “This group of dummies just sat there.” Later Cooper learned that the first five rows of the audience were filled with disabled fans. They couldn’t move.
  • Before he made love to his wife Debbie Rowe, MICHAEL JACKSON dressed up as Peter Pan and danced around the room. Another time he put on a horse’s head and galloped around on a broomstick. Explained Debbie, “It made him feel romantic.”        
  • In 1993, OASIS boarded a ferry from England to Amsterdam for the band’s first overseas gig. Liam got into a fight with the ferry security guards and wound up in the brig. Liam swore at the guards so much they finally drew a chalk line on the floor and ordered him to lie down with his nose in it. The squirming rock star stayed there for 3 hours. The band was not allowed to disembark in Amsterdam.
  • THE REPLACEMENTS: One incredibly inebriated show in Ann Arbor consisted solely of the band tuning up and then falling down.
  • GRACE SLICK (singer of Jefferson Airplane); a few odd performances:
    • Grace Slick jumped onstage during a performance of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Drunk, she performed silent karate moves until promoter Bill       Graham pulled her off the stage.
    • When Slick appeared on the TV show The Smothers Brothers Comedy       Hour, she performed in blackface.
    • At the Fillmore East in 1969, Grace walked out onto the Manhattan stage dressed at Hitler.
  • Fleetwood Mac guitarist, JEREMY SPENCER, traveled with a tiny Bible sewn into the lining of his overcoat, filled condoms with milk, and hung them from the pegs of his guitar. “I’ll be right back,” he told the band as he left their hotel room in Hawaii. He never returned. Instead he changed his name to Jonathan and joined a religious group known as the Children of God.


In 1966 GEORGE HARRISON read about cosmic communication. He climbed a mountain hoping to hear a message from God. The hopeful Beatle waited and waited. However, the only message he received was, “Climb back down the mountain.”

Led Zeppelin’s manager PETER GRANT attended a party in 1974. Grant went up to BOB DYLAN, but didn’t recognize him. “Hi,” I’m Grant, “I manage Led Zeppelin.” Dylan shot back, “Hey, I don’t come to you with my problems.”

When mod fashion went out of fashion, THE WHO tried to bill themselves as a pop-art-band. “We stand for pop-art clothes, pop-art-music, and pop-art-behavior,” proclaimed TOWNSHEND. Asked a confused ROGER DALTRY, “What’s is pop-art?”

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