My Tea Is Cold

My Tea Is Cold

“My Tea Is Cold” (released 1965), written by me and performed with my band, THE GIDDY STATUES, was the first song that charted in the U.K., #17. I wrote the song based on a true-life incident that ruined my day. The experience took place in an East End London diner. The apathetic waitress served me my cuppa hot tea, sauntered away towards the swinging double-kitchen doors, and continued flirting with the busboy.

I stared at my cuppa “hot” tea. Oh! The anticipation of that first glorious sip! I took my first sip and to my shock: “cold cup of tea” syndrome. “Sod it!” I screamed. “My tea is bloody cold!”

I have never gotten over this incident and, since I’m now learning Social Media for music, recently made a short video of this experience.

Please don’t take the mickey out of us Brits and our tea – it is the universal solution to all hard times and heartache and we love it dearly.

BTW: If you’re a guest in the U.K., or a guest of Englishman anywhere in the world, be aware whose teacup you are using. We Brits get very territorial about our favorite teacups!

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