This Is Not My Green Shirt

This Is Not My Green Shirt

“This Is Not My Green Shirt” is a song I wrote and which appears on The Giddy Statues’ concept album, “NO STARCH” (released 1967). The entire subject matter, of this concept LP, is my wardrobe and dry-cleaning. To my surprise, this song became a single and hit the U.K. charts at #10. A true-life trauma that happened in 1967: The dry-cleaners LOST MY GREEN SHIRT! I have never gotten over this loss.

I was, recently, at my psychiatrist and told him about the deep grief I still feel over the loss of my green shirt. He expounded to me about the grieving process, etc.

He suggested I continue counseling and to join a support group.

“A Support Group for people who have lost clothes?” I responded. “OK, I’ll give it a go.”

I entered the basement room of The “Missing Clothes Support Group”, which resembled an AA Meeting. All members were seated in folding chairs. One woman was weeping uncontrollably because she lost her red mittens five years ago; another woman snapped into the fetal position, still grieving the loss of her luggage bag an airline permanently misplaced. She still can’t sleep, now having severe insomnia, wondering if her beloved clothes are suffering. One hulk of a man sat with a box of tissues wiping his tears because his lucky, beloved bowling shirt was lost and never found.

When “coffee break” time came, the leader offered me a cuppa tea. He poured, into a cheap Styrofoam cup, the milk first. A no-no. Then poured barely hot water into the cup, then placed the tea bag, last, into my odd feeling polystyrene foam cup. That was it for me. Such improperly made tea made me bolt right out of the door. I never went back.

Grief: I know that it’s inevitable, in the forward march of our lives that whole worlds will be left behind: your present tense becomes the past.

There is no timetable for mourning or loss. You will mourn in proportion to the quality (not necessarily the length) and the significance of the relationship you lost. So….I STILL WANT MY LOST GREEN SHIRT!

You are invited to watch, on this blog, a recent video of my 1967 song, “This Is Not My Green Shirt.”

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