“BOUM!” song written and sung by CHARLES TRENET

“BOUM!” song written and sung by CHARLES TRENET

“BOUM!” (French pronunciation: [bum], similar to the English “boom”) is a song written by the French singer/songwriter CHARLES TRENET. It’s light; irreverent lyrics express joie de vivre, which suited the mood of the French public at the time of its release in 1938.

It includes depictions of the sounds made by various animals and also onomatopoeia. The lyric to the refrain is:


Quand notre Coeur fait Boum!

Tout avec lui dit Boum!

Et c’est l’amour

Qui s’eveille.


When our heart goes “Boum!”

Everything says “Boum!” with it,

And it is love

Which wakes us up.

The song was wonderfully used in the French film, “Toto Le Hero” (1991). If you are not smiling after watching that film, you must be an android.

Check out video: a great, bouncy song (written by the wonderful Charles Trenet) that expresses a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit, the joy of living (which, speaking for myself can be a chore. This song always cheers me up!

AND if you think Bobby Darin was the first to record “Beyond the Sea”. No, no, no.

It was WRITTEN and FIRST RECORDED in 1946 by CHARLES TRENET. His version is lovely, and poignant: even brings a tear to this bloke’s eye.

Check it out!

Charles Trenet: a French dude who can write and sing bouncy, life affirming ditties as well as ballads that will make one reach deep into one’s heart. Now, that’s a songwriter!

Cheers to you, MR. CHARLES TRENET: a wonderful songwriter and singer.

I, Reggie Bender, am a BIG FAN!

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