Who Were The Giddy Statues?

Who Were The Giddy Statues?

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Background Information

Origin: London, England

Genre: pop, mod, rock

Years Active: 1964-1968

Labels: Reprise, Decca

Associated Acts:  Reggie Bender (solo artist)

Past Members:

  • Reggie Bender, Lead Vocals,Rhythm Guitar
  • Arthur Chadwick, Drums
  • “Bobo” Munkhbold, Bass Guitar
  • Lenny Waller, Lead Guitar
  • *(Quiff Dillingham: replaced “Bobo”, 1967)


The Giddy Statues, formed in 1964, are an oft-forgotten English group who hit it big in 1965 with 3 singles in the UK Top-Ten. The band’s songwriter/front-man, Reggie Bender, claimed a UFO transmitted the band’s name to him. The band drew upon the stylistic influences of The Kinks, The Small Faces, The Beatles, and psychedelic rock.

In 1965 The Giddies toured the USA as supporting act for The Who. During a performance by The Who, Reggie Bender accidentally got hit over the head by Pete Townshend’s guitar. The Giddy Statues and The Who continued the US tour even though Reggie can only say the word, “Mayonnaise” for the next three weeks.

More wise-ass than wise, The Giddy Statues got by on cheekiness and cynicism. They gave the ravenous British music press a focal point in the arrogant, mercurial, sometimes violent and eccentric front man, Reggie Bender.

While they could barely get noticed in America, The Giddies became genuine superstars in Britain, with an impressive string of Top Ten singles written by Bender. Pop luminaries The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Bob Dylan were fans. Years later Lennon would write a song, “Reggie Bender Is A Bloody Genius!” but at last minute changes songs’ title to “Imagine.”

The Giddy Statues careened along a career path that followed the twisted psychodrama of Reggie Bender. Since the band’s first release in 1965, their albums showed ever-increasing versatility and promise, thus it was a surprise when Reggie Bender broke up The Giddy Statues in 1968 at the peak of their popularity.

After The Giddy Statues

The band launched the career of Reggie Bender who went on to a mind-bending, prolific, sporacidically successful solo career.

“Bobo” quit the band, Dec. 1966, when he is scolded for doing scissor kicks onstage. Reggie Bender insisted the scissor kick is HIS signature move: “You can’t have 2 members of the same band doing scissor kicks onstage! It looks ridiculous,” shouts Bender. Bobo, a huge Mongoloid, leaves band to join a traveling circus.

Arthur (drummer) and Lenny (lead guitar) formed a new band, Organized Flesh, released one LP, “Uninvited Darkness(1969), which sank without a trace. They both became busy, highly requested recording session-musicians.

Quiff, bassist from ‘67-‘68, retired from music, owns a pub in Brighton, England where he also does his weekend stand-up comedy routines. He is often seen in Kipling Gardens admiring the picturesque duck pond.

Scroll below to check out Reggie Bender and The Giddy Statues LP Discography since the 1960s!


LP Discography (1965-1967)

Outasite Out Of Our Minds

The Giddy Statues 1965


The Giddy Statues 1965

Pulsating Stalkers From Outer Space Go To Carnaby Street

The Giddy Statues 1966

Polka Dotted Heaven

The Giddy Statues 1966


The Giddy Statues 1967

Evil Ankle

The Giddy Statues 1967

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