Feb. 4th, 2016 REGGIE BENDER made a TV appearance on AUSTIN CITY LIMITS.

Executive Producer of the TV show, Terry Lickona, and PBS knew Bender’s performance might be strange; but they were not prepared for Bender to sing a “lecture” on quantum mechanics, parallel universes, theoretical physics and badly brewed tea.

What follows is a description of Reggie’s performance on the TV show:

Reggie Bender walks onstage, he approaches a pre-set lecture podium that holds a microphone. He is wearing an extremely wrinkled gray shirt and very rumpled, baggy black trousers. The audience is expecting Reggie to be wearing his Ray Ban sunglasses with black lenses. However he is, uncharacteristically, wearing bifocals with black frames and crystal clear lenses. He is letting us see his eyes.

The Austin City audience waits in anticipation for this performance.

Following onstage, behind Bender, is D.J. WASABI: a short, squat Japanese man wearing eyeglasses with very thick lenses, a perfectly ironed white short-sleeve dress shirt with a black tie; he has a sparse black mustache, and wears an ear-to-ear toothy perpetual smile on his face. D.J. Wasabi is actually a well-known theoretical physicist who works at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL); but he loves laying down the beats for Reggie’s “lectures on physics.”

D.J. Wasabi does not have a typical D.J. set up, which are 2 turntables and a microphone. D.J. Wasabi has THREE turntables and TWO microphones.

Bender begins his performance; it becomes clear that he is giving a lecture on quantum mechanics, parallel universes, and other aspects of theoretical physics as D.J. Wasabi is laying down continuous groovy beats.

Bender’s “performance” last 55 minutes. The audience sits in silence when he is finished.

The legendary, quirky songwriter/performer, JOHNNY DOWD, greets Bender backstage saying he really dug it, man. Johnny Dowd and Bender hang out the rest of the night contemplating the meaning of life and the meaningless of life, Fate and Free Will, order and chaos in the Universe, and how much they enjoy wearing argyle socks.

The PBS execs still do not know whether to air Bender’s odd performance on TV or not. This decision is to be made in the near future.

In the meantime, Reggie extracted a 3:24 minute section of his lecture and turned it into a song: “SUBATOMIC BEATZ”. You can hear the song (MP3) on this blog.

And that’s the news from the Bender camp.


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