ANDY WARHOL directs BENDER in 1982 music video

ANDY WARHOL directs BENDER in 1982 music video

Warhol is already on the set, to direct Bender’s video: “DOPPELGANGER,” Warhol is wearing a black cashmere suit, a paisley tie, a silver blonde-platinum wig and sunglasses. Reggie arrives wearing black cashmere suit, paisley tie, a blonde-platinum wig and sunglasses.

To Andy Warhol, it’s like looking into a mirror, Warhol is terrified. Reggie explains to Warhol, “I’m a parallel or distorted duplication of what already exists.” Reggie insists his concept will make a brilliant video.

The cameras begin filming and, as random probability would have it, BOB DYLAN shows up riding his motorcycle. Dylan, angry about Warhol’s past abuse towards EDIE SEDGWICK, is furious and eager to punch Warhol in the eye.

Dylan looks at the two Warhols, can’t decide who is who, and socks both in the eye.  All of this, captured on video, makes a fascinating study of life imitating art; or art imitating life; or an orange imitating a cantaloupe.

Surprisingly Bob Dylan signs a release-form allowing them to use the video. Dylan says, “Hey man, if it’s Reggie Bender than I know it’s honest.”

The video goes into regular rotation on MTV.



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