ANDY WARHOL directs BENDER in 1982 music video

Warhol is already on the set, to direct Bender’s video: “DOPPELGANGER,” Warhol is wearing a black cashmere suit, a paisley tie, a silver blonde-platinum wig and sunglasses. Reggie arrives wearing black cashmere suit, paisley tie, a blonde-platinum wig and sunglasses. To Andy Warhol, it’s like looking into a mirror, Warhol is terrified. Reggie explains to Warhol, “I’m a parallel or distorted duplication of what already exists.” Reggie insists his concept will make a brilliant video. The cameras begin filming and, as random probability would have it, BOB DYLAN shows up riding his motorcycle. Dylan, angry about Warhol’s past abuse towards ...


Taylor Swift recorded my new country song, “SKIN HEAD GIRL”, and then refused to shave her head for the video. Young pop stars must learn to commit to their craft. Fortunately my agent, Mr. Andrew Marks, received a call from Lady Gaga who wishes to record my song, “OVERT GIRL IN THE HORN-RIMMED GLASSES”. Lady Gaga conveyed she has no qualms about wearing horn-rimmed glasses in the video.


My name is REGGIE BENDER. Some say I’m just a washed-up geriatric rock star prone to psychotic breaks. I know the part about “psychotic breaks” is true because I would often wake up in various psychiatric wards not knowing how I got there. And I once stood on the roof-ledge of an 11th story building threatening suicide if my suit didn’t stop itching. My band, THE GIDDY STAUES, managed to have a string of Top-Ten hits in the UK during the 60’s. I wrote all the songs and we hit it big in 1965.