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1966, Nov.18, 1 a.m.: I am in my bed, at the Hyatt West Hotel on Sunset Strip with distressing insomnia. I am desperate for sleep. My band, THE GIDDY STATUES, and me are on tour of the USA with The JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE. We have one more gig in California: The Winterland Ballroom, then we will frantically continue the last leg of this US tour, finishing in New York City’s FILLMORE EAST.

British Invasion Music Map

Of all the movements that have shaken the world of rock & roll, the BRITISH INVASION ranks among the most exciting and important. Check out this ROCK & ROLL “FAMILY TREE” and see how the Pop BRITISH INVASION of 1964 fired the first pop-shot heard around the world. PS: take a look at the influence that GIRL GROUPS had on The Beatles. Who knew!

The Dave Clark Five

For a very brief time in 1964, it seemed that the biggest challenger to THE BEATLES phenomenon was THE DAVE CLARK FIVE. They were championed (for about 15 minutes) by the British press as the Beatles’ most serious threat. They were the first British Invasion band to break in a big way in the States after The Beatles, though THE ROLLING STONES and others quickly supplanted the DC5 as the Fab Four’s most serious rivals. However The DC5 made more appearances on THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW than any other English act.

Whatever Became of the Countless British Rock Groups that sprang up in the mid-Sixties!

We all know what happened to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones…but what about The Rockin’ Berries, Brian Poole & The Tremeloes, The Pretty Things and The Giddy Statues? In between the peppy early Sixties pop of CLIFF RICHARD and the late Sixties explosion of progressive rock, there were hundreds of beat-groups from all over Britain looking for two-minute hits and slightly longer careers. In this blog, I now celebrate the small names and the no-hopers who were genuine superstars in the U.K. but could never break into the American music market during the pop British Invasion of the 60s.