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Our Planet Earth

I am a true misanthrope. I dislike the entire species of Homosapiens. I like certain individuals but, as a species, I despise the entire human race (myself included.) We should give the planet Earth back to the animals. They treat the planet nicely. They deserve it. To add to the problems of giant oil spills into our oceans (as clusters of sea otters claw their eyes out because the oil stings), we have white-collar greed, brutal home invasions, hunger, poverty, murder, etc. We also have fanatical male terrorist SUICIDE BOMBERS to contend with: These crazy-ass, horny fellows believe if they blow themselves up (wearing their groovy suicide-bomb-vests), and take out many innocent bystanders, they will go to their afterlife and get 72 virgins EACH! What if those 72 virgins turn out to be dudes?

This Is Not My Green Shirt

“This Is Not My Green Shirt” is a song I wrote and which appears on The Giddy Statues’ concept album, “NO STARCH” (released 1967). The entire subject matter, of this concept LP, is my wardrobe and dry-cleaning. To my surprise, this song became a single and hit the U.K. charts at #10. A true-life trauma that happened in 1967: The dry-cleaners LOST MY GREEN SHIRT! I have never gotten over this loss. I was, recently, at my psychiatrist and told him about the deep grief I still feel over the loss of my green shirt. He expounded to me about the grieving process, etc. He suggested I continue counseling and to join a support group. “A Support Group for people who have lost clothes?” I responded. “OK, I’ll give it a go.”


Taylor Swift recorded my new country song, “SKIN HEAD GIRL”, and then refused to shave her head for the video. Young pop stars must learn to commit to their craft. Fortunately my agent, Mr. Andrew Marks, received a call from Lady Gaga who wishes to record my song, “OVERT GIRL IN THE HORN-RIMMED GLASSES”. Lady Gaga conveyed she has no qualms about wearing horn-rimmed glasses in the video.