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Joe Meek: Britain’s First Independent Producer

JOE MEEK (Born April 5, 1929 in Gloucestershire, England. Died February 3, 1967, in London, England.) Joe Meek was Britain’s first independent producer and a believer in the occult, Meek was not above holding séances in the recording studio to summon assistance from beyond the veil from his leading inspiration, BUDDY HOLLY (died, February 3, 1959). Besides being England’s first indie record producer, he was a songwriter who helped bring Britain’s nascent recording industry into the modern age.

The Giddy Statues US tour with JIMI HENDRIX: 1967

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1967 NOV. 17: The Giddy Statues begin US tour with JIMI HENDRIX. NOV. 20: At the Winterland concert Jimi Hendrix lights his guitar on fire. Not to be outdone, when The Giddy Statues take the stage, Reggie lights his trousers on fire. Reggie panics, drops-and-rolls onto a female audience member whose eyebrows are singed. Lawsuits now plague the band. DEC. 28: When The Giddy Statues return to England Reggie Bender becomes more delusional. He announces to Rolling Stone Magazine, “As soon as the walls stop breathing I intend to go solo; oops my left arm just fell off.”

Time, Events & Quantum Physics

“Reggie ponders sipping tea, our existence, quantum physics, and the chaos and order of TIME.”

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The evening of December 1st, 2015, I was dinning out with my ex-wife. We divorced in 1984, but I had since been missing the last 29 years (kidnapped by The US Military). My wife, Lyndsey, and I still had a few logistics to go over post-divorce. Lyndsey still needed me to sign some documents, and some legal papers about my royalties, etc. She made reservations to meet in a public place, in case I had one of my episodes (otherwise known as “psychotic break”). We met for dinner at “La Sirene”, a very fancy French restaurant in NYC. I signed all the documents she needed me to sign, and then we ordered dinner. As our dinner was served at our table, a song came over the French restaurant’s speaker. The song transcended me beyond my Fennel and Orange Salad with Lemon-Ginger Vinaigrette. I couldn’t even let go of my salad fork: this song transfixed me.

Our Planet Earth

I am a true misanthrope. I dislike the entire species of Homosapiens. I like certain individuals but, as a species, I despise the entire human race (myself included.) We should give the planet Earth back to the animals. They treat the planet nicely. They deserve it. To add to the problems of giant oil spills into our oceans (as clusters of sea otters claw their eyes out because the oil stings), we have white-collar greed, brutal home invasions, hunger, poverty, murder, etc. We also have fanatical male terrorist SUICIDE BOMBERS to contend with: These crazy-ass, horny fellows believe if they blow themselves up (wearing their groovy suicide-bomb-vests), and take out many innocent bystanders, they will go to their afterlife and get 72 virgins EACH! What if those 72 virgins turn out to be dudes?

Cheers to “HONEY” LANTREE of THE HONEYCOMBS: The First Female Rock Drummer

In the 50s and 60s being male or female governed which musical options individuals had. That is, if you were a male, you could do almost anything musical: guitarist or drummer, bandleader or producer. If you were female, you could be a singer, but even then the contexts had limits. Very few women in this milieu achieved success as drummers, keyboard players or bass players. But one individual female comes to mind. And, of all instruments, she played drums! I can only imagine the passion for pop/rock this woman had. A passion so true, gender didn’t matter; she ventured into a music world where men ruled that industry.